The Acorn, vol. 19: Marilyn Fischer Reviews Addams Selected Papers, vol. 3

In a forthcoming review of The Selected Papers of Jane Addams, Volume III: Creating Hull-House and an International Presence, 1889-1900, noted Addams scholar and philosopher Marilyn Fischer writes that,

The volume is particularly strong in documenting the step-by-step processes through which Hull House grew. The cumulative effect is to recast readers’ image of Addams and Hull House from a singular individual with her remarkable social settlement, to viewing Addams and Hull House as transmission nodes within complex networks of people, organizations, and institutions dedicated to transforming every facet of city life.

During the decade documented in volume 3 of the Addams papers, we find Addams corresponding with “an astonishing number of people and organizations” as Hull House develops historical leadership as a center of social work. But also, the papers reflect Addams’ work as mediator of the Pullman Strike and as a world traveler who visited with Leo Tolstoy and began to develop her own approach to pacifism.

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